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Motorcycle GPS Tracker long battery life

Very powerful bike GPS plotter. Small size, it can if insert everywhere so you can all watch. It fits in a Pocket, bag, the trunk of a motorcycle, under the seat of a scooter. 3 month battery life, easy to install.

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It is often important to keep in view or monitor some travel. Whether it's relatives (children or elders), property (safe, luggage...) or vehicles (motorcycles, cars), their precise location is necessary. Real motorcycle GPS Tracker miniature, it measures only a 105-mm long, 27mm wide and 9.5 mm thick for barely 10g. For easier maintenance, it is also equipped with a 14cm leather strap which can be attached anywhere. Using this model, you can benefit from a quick location. 

It is a model with built-in rechargeable battery which may have a range of 8 months. The device is operational as it will be loaded and has the advantage of working without a SIM card. It is equipped with a motion detector that works by sending alerts on an application to download on your Smartphone. However, it will activate as your basic configuration (every 3, 5, or 10 minutes). Thanks to this, you will be able to track in real time the movement of your loved ones, property or vehicles. 

This GPS scooter Tracker also has advanced features. You can program it to delineate a certain area of alert. This gives you the opportunity to track the history of your tracker route or to activate it once it comes out of a specific geographical area. You will instantly receive an alert on your application as soon as the plotter will come or will come out of this perimeter. This may be the home for your children or for your loved ones or your vehicles neighbourhood or school... The precision offered by the gps scooter Tracker is 5 meters.

Also duties of tracing, this plotter can also serve you lock or alert for vehicles tilt shift two wheels. In addition to constantly know where people or objects, you can guarantee their safety. The biggest advantage of this GPS Tracker for motorcycleBesides the fact that it works without a SIM card, it's its great distance from coverage. No need for subscription, but simply a network low-power to make it work. Finally, be aware that its installation is easier than. You don't need special skills or equipment. Simply download the app on your Smartphone, to connect the two devices and you're equipped. 

Data sheet

30 grams
105 x 27 x 9, 5mm
Load time
1 hours
Motion detection
lithium polymer
8 months
Requires a subscription
3-year subscription included in the price of the GPS Tracker and then the 4th year 9.99 euros per year
Location accuracy
5 meters


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