Mini gps magnetic motorcycle Tracker - Motorcycle GPS Tracker
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Mini gps magnetic motorcycle Tracker

Ultra motorcycle gps Tracker powerful, waterproof, battery high autonomy 3000 mAh, followed in real-time, accuracy of geolocation to 5 meters, high autonomy

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The motorcycle GPS Tracker has now become indispensable to ensure the security and monitoring of your vehicles. Engineers continue to create more compact and high-performance models. The manufacturer has put on the market this model, which is a miniature magnetic Tracker. The device in question barely measures 89mm long, 43mm wide and 26mm thick, which makes it easy to install without asking a lot of space. It is also very discreet and will ensure the safety of your vehicles against attempts to steal. It is also a very robust tracer because it is designed in a magnetic material and waterproof. 

To ensure the sustainability of the plotter, these designers have equipped him 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery. This last is rechargeable and can last up to 30 days. So that you are never caught short, the GPS scooter Tracker also has a warning function when the battery goes down to 20%. It is also possible to put the tracker in standby mode and reactivate using timer or by activating the motion detector. You save battery by activating the device only when it is necessary. 

This model is also equipped with a SOS button. To trigger, so that it sends a SMS alert, simply press and hold. Another handy feature, alert geo fence. Indeed, you can determine a specific area restricting your vehicle. Thus, if the latter enters or leaves this zone, the GPS scooter Tracker you will directly send an alert message. You should know that tracing is done in real time to allow you to react quickly in case of break-in. You can also get a history of the routes traveled by your vehicle, if you wish. For accuracy this model works with a micro SIM. The standard models and the nano SIM are not supported. 

This GPS Tracker has both a GPS and LBS system. This will allow you to locate the vehicle whether outdoors or indoors. Never lose track of your property will be the main function of this motorcycle Tracker.

Data sheet

Motion detection
Lithium polymer
Yes - IP65
Battery capacity
3000 mAh
Smartphone compatible
Android and IOS
GSM frequency
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Location accuracy
Less than 5 meters
Mobile app


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