USB pen with voice recorder 8 GB - In addition to being a real beautiful and elegant pen with which you can write, voice record
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USB pen with voice recorder 8 GB

In addition to being a real beautiful and elegant pen with which you can write, voice recorder pen allows a high quality recording thanks to its intelligent noise reduction technology. It also allows you to store all your files. Memory 8 GB, 20 hours in continuous recording.

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If you want to record lectures, meetings or interviews while remaining discreet, the digital voice recorder of the VBESTLIFE brand is what need you. The device won't be bulky because it comes in the form of pen. So you can keep it all the time on you if we don't know what it is, especially if you want to play the apprentice detective and spy. For multiple use, thevoice recorder Spy is used both of dictaphone, but can also replace your flash disk with its internal memory of 8 GB. 

For its function of recorder microphonethe pen fulfills its mission. It offers a great quality recording thanks to a treatment of built-in sound device. What makes you have a stereo recording of long duration. It takes a smart noise reduction technology and interference. What makes that even if you are out, it will focus on the sound recording source. Your sounds are so clear and pleasant to listen to. The camera records the sounds at 128 kbps in WAV format. 

In terms of its function of flash disk, it works like any USB key. You can use to transfer your files from one computer to another or to have on you important documents. Similarly, you can transfer the data you recorded through the microphone. What to do, just plug it into your computer and it will recognize immediately. No software is required for this operation. 

The last function is of course to write. You have a lovely elegant pen that you can proudly display at your business meetings with you. And although he has as many technology, it is of small size and light weight. Indeed, it weighs about 87 g. You will feel to wear a conventional pen. It comes in two versions, namely in black and silver color.  

The small microphone has a good battery life. With a Li-ion battery, it can record during 20 hours non-stop. For loading, nothing easier. You can just plug in your computer or on an outlet with an adapter. Delivered, it is provided with a manual to allow you a quick and easy apprehension. 

Data sheet

87 grams
Continuous recording time
20 hours
Operating system
Windows and IOS
Type of interface
USB 2.0
Internal memory
8 GB
Audio format


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