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GSM-Connected Spy Microphone Power Strip

GSM spy microphone hidden inside a power strip, internal battery, unlimited autonomy if it is plugged into a power source, 30 feet listening range, automatic call-back function.

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This classic power strip with a built-in microphone is an effective tool to spy without any risk of being spotted. Designed like a classic power strip, it is undetectable and ultra discreet. It blends into its environment. This makes it perfect to monitor small indoor spaces such as an office or an apartment. It has the usual functions of an ordinary power strip but it has the ability to detect all the sounds within a radius of 30 feet. This is made possible by an integrated spy microphone with exceptional sound quality that is undetectable from the outside.

The GSM spy power strip features an automatic call-back function made possible by the presence of a SIM card in the power strip. As soon as the microphone detects a sound, it will automatically call you on your phone. Furthermore, thanks to its GSM technology, you can also trigger the device remotely without having to travel by simply calling the SIM card on the spy microphone. The risk of being exposed is thus very limited. In addition, this product has the advantage of being completely autonomous as soon as it is connected to the electrical system. It is therefore unnecessary to charge it regularly. In the case of power outages, the lithium polymer back-up battery can be used, but the operating time of the battery is limited (about 12 hours of on standby and 3 hours while active).

Data sheet

34 x 5 x 4 cm
Streaming time
3 hours on battery and unlimited if the multi-plug is plugged into mains
Lithium polymer
Listening distance
ten meters
GSM frequency
850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Sound detection


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