GPS Tracker for animals including subscription - Animals GPS Tracker
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GPS Tracker for animals including subscription

Gps Tracker for animals with 3 years of subscription, autonomy of 3 months, waterproof up to 1 meter, followed live on smartphone, speed of travel, historical of the tracer, easy installation

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To track your pet, we offer this GPS Tracker which is one of the most efficient in the market. This is a particularly convenient feature because it is very small. With its 42mm long, 24mm wide, 17mm thickness and with a total weight of 15g, it will be quite bulky. The model is supplied with a silicone tie.  It will be just if your pet notices that it is equipped with a GPS Tracker

In order to reassure all owners, it has been designed so that it can withstand shocks, and this, whatever the route by your pet. Indeed, the product is built in a waterproof and resistant material. What is more, it has a battery with a record autonomy ranging from several weeks to 3 months. However, the autonomy will also depend on the alert configuration you choose. The advantage of this tracer is that once the load has been lowered to 20%, you will be instantly alerted. Also, just charge the device for 1½ hours to make it operational.

In addition, this GPS dog collar and cat has smart features making the monitoring of your pets. With it, you won't lose them. Among other things, it can be programmed to delimit a geographic fence. If there is a comfort zone areas at risk or on the contrary, you will be instantly notified when the animal enters or comes out of there. In the event that your dog or cat is would be completely lost, you can easily access the full history of all his travels. Note that this device is able to trace the journeys carried out over several months.

To ensure the monitoring, in contrast to the GPS plotters without subscription requiring the use of SIM card, this GPS Tracker works with networks low rates. This facilitates the identification, without that there is need of network broadband, and allows to get an autonomy of several months. You get 3 years of subscription included in the price of the tracer. From the 4th year, the subscription price is only 9.90 euro per year! For what is the installation of the device, there is no more simple. Simply load it, download the app on your Smartphone and pair the two devices. Once these steps are completed, your GPS Tracker for animal is operational for several weeks to several months. You just hang on the latter to the collar of your dog or cat. Finally, it should also be noted that this device is going to all the dogs and cats, regardless of the breed and size. 

Data sheet

15 grams
1.7 x 2.4 x 4.2 cm
Operating system
Compatible iOS and Android
Load time
60 minutes
Lithium polymer
Three months
Requires a subscription
3 years including subscription - after 3 years 9.99E / year
Interface type
Mini usb


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