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Cable for watch camera

The cable for watch camera is the indispensable cord to charge your mini battery. It also ensures to transfer files in your spying hardware to your computer.

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The cable for micro camera watch stands out for its versatility. Being a Universal productIt can be used on other devices in the same range. It has a a USB 2.0 interface compatible with USB 1.1. The choice of this specification during the design is not the result of coincidence. It offers an exceptional level of performance for the file transfer. With a speed of 60 MB/sIt allows to perform quick work and saves time. This watch cable mini camera is dedicated to the miniature cameras the category of Spy watches. Because of its universal character, it is also suitable for the other micro-accessoires including USB keys. It is an indispensable tool to synchronize and back up data.

The Spy watch camera cable records videos in standard AVI format. Also playing the role of camera, it captures images with a JPG format. These technologies offer a double benefit. With a high compression ratio, they allow a large amount of storage. These data will be useful for your surveillance missions. The use of our cable to watch micro spy camera preserves the original quality. During their visualization, the videos feature the same fluidity of images. So is the photographs that keep a similar to the original sharpness.

Do you know that the cable with Jack spy camera has a second important role? In addition to the transfer of the files, it is also used to recharge the battery of the microphone camera watch. This operation ensures the good feature of your accessory and gives it its autonomy. It should be noted that this transfer cord meets the technological standards. It is provided with 4-wire internal two for transfers and two for the charge. It is distinguished by its strength and durability while being flexible. Shock resistant, it will not deteriorate. Compact and lightweight, it stores easily in your bag or even pocket to accompany you during your mission. Looking for an accessory for your spy equipment? Order this spy watch camera cable of high quality.

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