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Usb cable universal for spy camera

This USB cable for microphone camera spy is a must-have accessory for the operation of your device. Thanks to its universal character, it adapts to all types of mini camera.

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The Universal USB cable for Mini spy camera HD is a performing accessory. With modern technology, it has a 2.0 interface USB 1.1. Benefiting from this compatibility, it guarantees your mini battery loading without damaging the device. During its design, the current that feeds it has been calculated with appropriate intensity. You can feed a wide range of micro spy camera without running the risk of damaging them. These products range from lighter spy camera to the camera bulbs, passing by the camera smiley badges. You can also use it for other gadgets and small electronic devices, including your tablet or laptop.

The Universal USB cable for spy camera HD provides another service: the transfer of files. This is necessary in order to empty the contents of your electronic accessory. As part of a spy missionIt also helps safeguard sensitive information. In case of theft, you have your hands to a copy of the evidence for the insurance companies. The transfer from your Mini spy camera to the server from a device configured as PC, Tablet, smartphone... Note that the relocation of your data to an external hard drive requires a Universal USB cable. This type of material offers more storage with memory ranging from 120 GB to 500 GB and more. You can view your videos and photos whenever you want, wherever you are.

Why we recommend this universal for USB cable motion detector spy camera ? Some transfer cords tend to heat up easily. Their use requires a pause time, decreasing performance on the job. This is not the case of our accessory. With minimal resistance during the passage of the current, it remains functional during execution of the task. It offers a fast loading speed, important point for your comfort. On the other hand, this cable to spy equipment has an optimal length and of a suitable thickness. The transfer of your files is done at high speed without loss of quality. Order this product that has good flexibility and a solid flawless!

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