Pen spy camera 720 p HD - Pen Camera

Pen spy camera 720 p HD

The spy pen has a 720 p camera with high-end features. You can shoot in all discretion, but also take pictures in JPG format. An amazing and revolutionary model!

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Need a Mini spy camera efficient, discreet and affordable? Look no further, we have the perfect product: a Spy pen HD practical and very easy to use with built-in camera 720 p. Thanks to this pen spy camera HD, you can film all you want discreet and very easily. This spy equipment you is more proposed at a very good value for money and you will enjoy its technical features high-end. A product on the market!

One Spy pen incredible

Regardless of the use you want to make, this mini camera will meet your expectations with its revolutionary technical features. This spy pen is indeed equipped with a built-in camera 720 p will allow you to make video recordings regardless of where you are. Practice is not it? At the office, home, restaurant... you will be able to record everything that happens around you. This spy camera pen can be very useful in the case of problem to the desktop for example. You can indeed save all extremely discretely and obtain evidence in your favor. What is very significant also is the ability to take pictures in JPG format. This mini camera spy has serious advantages since your recorded videos will be of very high quality with a resolution of 1280 * 720. Amazing!

One pen camera compatible with a micro SD card

It comes without a micro SD card. You can choose the memory you want for your product. This Spy pen with camera allows you to choose a memory card that can go up to 32 GB. So, you can opt for the ability of your choice according to your specific needs. Practice!

One Spy pen HD provided with a simple software

So that you can easily transfer your videos to your computer, it comes with playback software. The latter is very simple to use and will allow you to quickly access all your files. This pen is compatible with Windows me/2000/xp / vista, but also with Mac os 10.4 and Linux.

Data sheet

Supports up to 32 GB microSD cards
1280 x 720
Frame per second
Video format
Streaming time
50 minutes
Operating system
Windows, Mac os, Linux
Load time
1 to 1 H 30 maximum
High-capacity lithium polymer
Image format
Interface type
USB 2.0


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