Pen with voice recorder - This voice recorder pen is the perfect spy tool you need. It ensures discretion and performance. The
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Pen with voice recorder

This voice recorder pen is the perfect spy tool you need. It ensures discretion and performance. The device has a battery that offers up to 38 hours. You have 60 hours of recording time thanks to its internal memory of 8 GB.

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This voice recorder pen is a digital voice recorder high-performance. With a look of banal pen, it goes unnoticed in any situation. What makes you continue to make your recordings without anyone noticing. An asset that will appeal to lovers of espionage. Small size, it measures 140 x 15 x 5 mm for a weight of 46 g. The miniature dictaphone is equipped with VOR technology. It is to turn on the recorder by voice command. It suffices that the device is in the presence of voice so that it activates. And once the sound source is missing, it turns off automatically. 

The sounds collected by the unit are clear that one could describe. It has a high performance noise reduction system. With a capacity of 8 GB storage, you have with this unit to a recording time up to 60 hours. Multifunction, the gadget is both a digital recorder Dictaphonean MP3 player and of course a pen. You can take notes with for it records. Discretion is assured. As a music player, the pen supports several types of files including MP3, WAV, and WMA.  Records them files are saved in WAV format. Compared to any other voice recorders pens, this one has a small asset and more which is a 1.2 inch OLED display. The display shows among other things, the State of recording and playback. Designed in an alloy of Zinc, the device is a strength to the test of the falls.  

The device is powered by a small Lithium battery that offers 38 hours on full charge. Simply yet only 30 minutes before the battery is full. To load, you can connect the device to your computer, on an external battery, a USB charger or even a smartphone. Easy to use, simply click on a button to activate recording. To facilitate playback of music, the pen also has control for volume, pause and skip to the next or previous song. On delivery, you will receive in your package, the pen voice recordera charger, headphones and a USB cable and a manual.

Data sheet

46 grams
140 * 15 * 5mm
Lithium polymer
Internal memory
8 GB
Screen size
1.2 inches
Audio format
Temps d'enregistrement
38 hours


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