Micro SD Kingston memory card class 10 - Cameras accessories

Micro SD Kingston memory card class 10

8 to 128 GB SD micro memory card

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To store the images taken by the surveillance devices such as spy cameras, cameras in hunting, GPS plotters or dictaphone, it is necessary that they be equipped with a micro SD card. It is an accessory used memory storage to the device. The micro SD card is often necessary to register - when the internal memory of the camera is limited - and keep the data. It can also be used to transfer data from one device to another without resorting to a USB key, for example. Except for use with specific devices, the micro SD card can also be used for simple external data storage space.

Size reduced and designed more robust to allow a more convenient use, micro SD cards are also produced with different characteristics. Thus, with respect to capacity, it corresponds to the amount of data that can be stored on the micro SD card. It differs from a micro SD to another card and is listed by the manufacturer on one of the outer faces of each card to inform consumers. Thus, we can have models with 8 GB of capacity and more to 128 GB. Beyond the volume of available storage, there is also the speed of data transfer. It is the speed at which the micro SD card works. This setting is especially important when it comes to using the micro SD card with devices requiring a powerful card to allow optimal rendering. Therefore, all of our cards we offer are of class 10. Class 10 is the fastest.

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