Micro spy

The micro spy is an electronic device that allows to perform a remote listening or a audio recording. In the case of a spy equipmentthe gadget is therefore a fairly discreet format. It is essential that the microphone is easy to hide. As a general rule, the micro spy recorder comes in the form of a small compact wireless. In order to strengthen the discreet side of the device, manufacturers can camouflage the spy microphone in a banal everyday object - like a pen for example. Like all the equipment of spying, the microphone uses a rechargeable lithium battery. This power often offers considerable autonomy.

According to the operation, there are two kinds of micro spy. We first find the model in radio frequency. This variant of the device often has two parts, namely a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is of course the component that takes the microphone. Then, the shape of the receiver reminds that of a walkie-talkie. The component is indeed a topped box with an antenna. It has a speaker and a jack for headphones. Due to its principle of operation, the radio frequency microphone listening distance is limited. This is an average of 1500 meters.

The second kind of micro spy is the GSM model. The listening distance of the microphone GSM has no limit. The model consists of a single case and uses a phone chip. Note that the use of the SIM requires no subscription. Listening is performed by calling the number of the microphone. There is therefore no listening distance to respect this principle. However, today can be found a spy microphone GSM model that offers Bluetooth connectivity. Listening is realized by combining the micro spy in his smartphone.

One micro spy -the GSM model in particular - can have several features. There is a sound or a motion sensor detector equipped versions. These options enable automatically espionage in the case of an activity detection equipment. They can also send alerts via SMS.

We use mainly the micro spy for tapping, in order to obtain evidence or important information. It is also possible to use to enhance the security of his home in case of absence. In our catalogue, one finds for example the micro spy motion. It sends an alert message, insofar as a presence is detected in the House. This allows then to take adequate measures.