Walkie talkie accessories

In addition to providing access to multiple functions and greater reach, professional walkie talkies also benefit from multiple accessories. They are used to replace some missing, lost or damaged accessories. 

In this category, we offer a range of walkie talkie accessories that give you the opportunity to extend their functions. A hands-free kit to communicate better, a spare battery for twice as much battery life, a cover to protect it, a microphone to optimize communication ...


Pedestrian kits and microphones for walkie pro talkie

Increasingly essential, hands-free kits help you better control your communication remotely without having to hold your device. This manual emission accessory helps you communicate more freely. It also has the advantage of guaranteeing more discretion. This makes it a preferred accessory for professionals who work in security agencies or who provide a close protection service.


Noise-cancelling headphones for professional walkie walkie on-site

Some walkie pros are equipped with specific headphones to better isolate the person who receives the call from the surrounding noises. The noise-cancelling headsets for walkie talkie are especially used on site in order to maintain the quality of communication notwithstanding the noise sets of nearby gear. 


Replacement batteries for maximum battery life

Battery failures often occur at unexpected times. That's why it's important to equip your walkie talkie with one or more spare batteries. Especially when long times are planned to be spent in areas without power grids. 


Protective kits to cope with extreme conditions

The protection index offered for a walkie talkie, even for professional use, differs more or less from one model to another. Some walkie pros are more waterproof and resistant than others in that they meet quite different terms of use.

Its walkie talkies should be equipped with adequate protective accessories to better ensure that they remain functional, regardless of the circumstances. In addition, the protection kits offer an additional guarantee of safety that will help extend the life of your device.


A noise-cancelling microphone to ensure optimal receptivity

Although it is true that a professional walkie talkie ensures a very high quality signal, this one remains limited by its range. Beyond a certain distance, these signals tend to get lost. By equipping your walkie talkie with a powerful and sophisticated microphone, you will have the opportunity to extend the reception capabilities of your device.

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