Wi-Fi baby monitor

With technology fast approaching, you can now do everything from your smartphone, including monitoring your baby. This is possible thanks to the WiFi babyphone, also known as connected babyphone. Thelistening-connected baby is a real revolution in surveillance. Indeed, if the classic models allow you to perform monitoring from another room of the house, the WiFi babyphone gives you the ability to monitor every movement or noise coming from the baby's room even if you are not at home. 

Thanks to a mobile app you'll install on your smartphone or touchscreen tablet, you will be able to connect easily to the transmitter installed near the child using the WiFi network. Unlike conventional babyphones that limit your surveillance field to an average of 200 to 300 meters, with the WiFi babyphone, you will never be limited again. So you can continue monitoring when you're in the office or shopping. 

Like everything else babyphone Available on the market, the WiFi babyphone allows you to talk to the baby through the walkie-talkie function. The only difference is that instead of using the traditional parent receiver, you'll use your phone from anywhere.  Some models are able to support multiple connected devices at the same time. Thus, each member of the family can keep an eye on the baby during the day just by using the WiFi network and their respective smartphones. 

Since all orders will be made from your smartphone equipped with the right mobile app, you will then be able to launch all the features remotely. In particular, sleepfunction which will reassure the child when he wakes up startled at night. The app will also allow you to start reading the lullaby to calm it down when it cries. 

Because your phone already has a screen, it will allow you to see everything that happens in the baby's room day and night. Thanks to the models babyphone with night vision, you can even continue monitoring at night without the need for any light. You get a good quality color image day and night a quality image in black and white. a motion detection mode will allow you to be notified as soon as there is an unusual noise or movement in the nursery.

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