Babyphone video

If you are one of the anxious parents who always want to keep an eye on their children, attend to all his actions even if you are overwhelmed, the video babyphone is for you. If the babyphone has always allowed parents tolisten to what's going on in the baby's room, advances in technology have allowed the development of a device that allows us to see what is happening in addition to sound. 

The transmitter installed in the baby's room is equipped with Camera and Microphone. This allows you to keep an eye on your baby during naps or while playing in his park while you are busy in another room of the house. The receiver that will follow you everywhere is then equipped with a LCD screen allowing you to perform your small CCTV. As the device is doomed to operate day and night, it is generally equipped with the night vision. a Infrared sensor installed in camera lens will capture everything that happens during the night, in total darkness. This allows you to monitor the child's sleep without using light that might wake him or her. 

On the other hand, it is also often found on a video babyphonethere motion detection function. This includes breathing movements and any unusual movements that may occur in the camera's field of view. An alarm is installed on the parents' receiver so that they can intervene as soon as an incident occurs.  

When we talk about video camera, one must always take into account the image resolution that one will get. By choosing a video babyphone, you will certainly hope that the image of your baby that emerges is clear. Babyphone cameras have made tremendous progress in this area. Most devices are designed with a 640x480 video system better known as VGA image quality. With this, you can perfectly distinguish your child and zoom in if need be. But that doesn't stop there, as more and more devices are now offering a high-definition video 720P format. This format provides a crisp image for absolute visual comfort. 

Of course, apart from these key features, the video babyphone is also equipped with the walkie-talkie function, from the remotely operated nightlight and thermometer function. The average range is 200 to 300 meters.