Classic baby phone

the babyphone where listen-baby is an essential device to look after the baby's sleep. It comes in many models ranging from the most classic to those of the last generation. However, your choice must depend on your needs and lifestyle. 

the Classic babyphone or traditional is the one that allowslisten to the baby with a sound sensor arranged in his room. This is the transmitter that you need to have next to the cradle. It sends a signal to the other part of the device called receiver, which will follow the parents all over the house, provided the range is long enough to cover the whole house and garden. 

In general, you are warned by a audible or visual alert when the baby wakes up. Conventional models are sufficient to ensure the safety of the child. Most are limited to audio functionality, but today there are more and more models offering video for the most anxious parents. These models have a range of 200 to 300 meters, but there are a few devices that exceed this average. It should be noted, however, that the scope of this type of device depends on the configuration of your home, i.e. the existence of partitions or open spaces. 

the Classic babyphone The main option is to Walkie talkie, also known as two-way conversation. Because the transmitter and receiver have microphones and speakers each, you can hear the baby and talk to him to reassure him. For his part, he will also be able to do the same. With this feature, you will no longer need to travel. Note that it also depends on the temperament of the child. 

In terms of autonomy, there are two types of power that allow the babyphone to function, namely, rechargeable battery and plug-in on sector. Depending on battery capacity, the device can run for a day without interruption or even more. To avoid unannounced outages, you will be alerted by an alarm as soon as the battery discharges. 

Other options may be added to these, including: Sleeper functionality which emits a soft, comforting light to accompany the baby to sleep. It is controlled remotely from the parent unit. This option can be launched to reassure a baby who wakes up with a start during the night.

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