Duo motorcycle intercom

Theintercom motorcycle duo is a device that allows you to communicate directly with your passenger. It is delivered in two copies. The device will work in the same way as a walkie talkie and starts when one or the other speaks. The distance of the intercom's range varies from model to model. Some allow a range of 100 meters while others can reach 3000 meters. It should be noted, however, that such a device offers the best of itself only in favourable conditions, i.e. on open ground. 

On this communication system, you will be able to find many features. It allows you to interact with one or more other bikers, to hear the instructions of navigation of the Gps, to receive or make phone calls and even to listen to music. What makes the intercom motorcycle duo special is that you can listen to the same music on both intercoms. Convenient feature to enjoy your favorite artists together. The same goes for the radio. 

The intercom motorcycle duo allows you to stay in touch and get along clearly with your passenger, no matter how fast you drive. In fact, it has a noise reduction system filters the sounds of wind and traffic. The two technologies that are commonly found on this type of device are the DSP and the CVC. Some Headsets even offer an automatic volume adjustment system based on wind-generated noise.

The motorcycle intercom is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Depending on the capacity of the device, the device can offer a speaking time of 6 to 10 hours. However, a sleep mode can extend its battery life by up to a few hundred hours for the most efficient batteries. 

Waterproofing is a key criterion for motorcycle intercoms. This is one of their peculiarities. Whether it rains or snows, it will not affect its use. Depending on the model, you can benefit from headsets compatible with any type of helmet or you will have the option to choose between two types of headsets depending on whether you have a full-face helmet or a half-face helmet. In a motorcycle duo intercom box, all accessories are also delivered in two copies.

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