Solo motorcycle intercom

The solo motorcycle intercom is a small electronic device that attaches to the bottom of your motorcycle helmet. It is delivered in one copy and allows you to interact with one or more bikers equipped with the same intercom model in principle. On the other hand, there are universal devices that are compatible with all models ofmotorcycle intercom available on the market. The connection with other devices is via Bluetooth whose signal power depends on the generation of the built-in Bluetooth profile. It allows you to stay in touch with your fellow travelers in a certain distance. Depending on the power of the Bluetooth signal, you can enjoy a range ranging from 100 to 3000 meters and even beyond. However, the scope of communication can be reduced in the presence of constructions or power lines.

Thesolo motorcycle intercom also has all the features that the traditional Bluetooth kit allows, i.e., receiving or making phone calls. For this, the condition is that your mobile phone must have a Bluetooth connection with the kit. You will be notified in the event of a call and you can receive or reject the call in a simple order. You can also listen to music or radio while driving with these kits. Again, the connection must be made via Bluetooth with your phone and more precisely through the A2DP profile. 

Themotorcycle intercom also allows you to guide yourself with the Gps thanks to the Bluetooth connection. You will receive voice directions to keep you focused on your driving, no matter where the GPS is installed. In general, manual controls on this type of device are easy to access. This means that you will have no trouble handling it, even if you wear gloves. In addition, there are intercom models that support the intercom system voice command for some smartphone brands. This allows you to benefit from an intuitive control for your utmost security. 

To ensure the quality of the sound and allow you good communication with your interlocutors, the solo motorcycle intercom is equipped with noise reduction system filters out unwanted sounds. There are two common technologies in this area, namely the DSP and the CVC, that help improve sound quality. Some headsets even offer an automatic volume adjustment system based on wind-generated noise.