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Infrared hunting HD 12MP camera

The hunting gsm camera allows direct viewing on its screen. Its high weather resistance gives his robustness and his sustainability of life.

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The hunting HD camera mesure145 x 80 x 55 mm. Thanks to a low volume of space, its use offers a total discretion. Added to his military green color which is a perfect camouflage in the middle of the vegetation. Equipped with a powerful goal, it records videos with a resolution of 1080 p. 30 frames per second flow guarantees the fluidity of the viewing. This hunting camera also captures high-quality photos. It offers a resolution of 4032 * 3024p under 5, 8 or 12 megapixels. Sound 2 inch LCD makes possible the immediate viewing. With a 60 degree view angleIt is easier to have a good framing. It should be noted that his infrared vision with 24 leds has the ability to detect targets within a radius of 20 meters.

The hunting camera is a reliable and effective mechanism. It has a motion detector. The time of onset of 1.1 second allows a real-time capture. The advantage of this device is the ability to adjust the length of the continuous recording. The setting is between a range of 1 to 30 minutes. Our camera is distinguished by its autonomy. In standby mode, it has a durability of 3 months. Automatic operation under detector is 1 month. Using a 32 GB sd card to increase the performance of his memory. A battery powered with 8 AA batteries ensures its energy supply. This device has a usb interface. The insertion of suitable cable allows you to transfer files, and to playback on a television.

Order this infrared camera offers multiple benefits. Waterproof moisture, the IP54 certification gives durability of use. Resistant to climatic variations, it remains functional between - 20 ° C to + 60 ° C. Note that the storage of videos is in AVI format and photos in JPEG are assets. These technologies allow the storage of a large volume of files. Their universality allows playback on most operating systems. If you wish to acquire one photographic trap suitable for outdoor use, we recommend this device. Easy to install, sturdy strap guarantees its fixation on the tree trunk.

Data sheet

Standby time
Three months
1080 P
Frame per second
30 IPS
Video format
Streaming time
Adjustable from 1 to 30 min
12 M
View angle
60 degrees
1 month
Yes - IP54
Type of storage
Supports up to 32 GB SD cards (optional)
Image format
Interface type
Possible operating temperature
-20 to 60 degrees
Photo resolution
4032 * 3024 12MP
Battery capacity
8 AA batteries (not included)
Remote control distance
10 m
Infrared vision
20 m
Remote sensing
20 m
Trigger time
1.1 sec
Screen size
2 "


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