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Set up your hunting GSM camera remotely

Setting up and getting started with your camera to hunting by a technician GSM

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Very convenient for monitoring discreetly, hunting camera GSM is the essential tool to monitor animals. It's a camera designed primarily for hunting but used as an alternative as a surveillance camera. Its main advantage is that it can be operated remotely without requiring the user to travel to do it manually.

For its operation, it uses the same technology as that used for mobile phones to make calls or send text messages. So just insert a SIM card in the camera and a simple subscription. It is essential because it is through him that the camera can operate remotely.

Once the SIM installed and enabled on the network of the operator, just set up the hunting GSM camera before installing it on the places to watch. Setting, to record the numbers to which alerts will be sent - SMS, MMS, mail... - in case of motion detection. It is also a way for the user to send an SMS to trigger the camera remotely. For example, if you want the camera film or take pictures at some point - even if no movement has been detected - simply send a text message to the camera that will trigger alone without other external intervention. The same is true if we want to stop it. Depending on the model, you can receive the images by mail, without having to go to the scene to retrieve them.

We have noticed that some customers preferred that setting is performed by a technician, this is why we have put forward this offer.

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