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Equipping yourself with good communication devices is essential in areas not covered by telephone networks. A good choice of walkie talkies is necessary in these conditions and especially if you make professional use of them. This is based on several criteria and must be precisely in line with your needs. In this category, you'll have access to a range of professional walkie-talkies, whose power, reach, strength and functions can meet your expectations.


What differentiates walkie pros from regular walkie-talkies

Professional walkie talkies are more powerful and offer more features than conventional walkie talkies. They are also more versatile, as they can work both free frequencies and on private and secure frequencies. Depending on how you want to use it, this type of walkie talkie can offer different levels of resistance and waterproofing. It should also be noted that a professional walkie talkie gives the possibility to communicate over a great distance. Currently, the most sophisticated models are capable of providing communication over a range of tens of kilometres.


What kind of walkie talkie for what type of industry?

The communication distance, the quality and safety of the signal, as well as the type of two-way radio are important criteria for choosing which walkie pro talkie to choose. And the same goes for the Protection Index (IP) which can vary depending on usage. Indeed, it is essential to define the IP classification of a walkie talkie according to the environment of use. The more it exposes you to a high percentage of risk, the more you need to opt for a product that offers a high level of IP. The choice of a walkie pro talkie of very high frequency or VHF is recommended in open spaces, in desert areas or in the open sea. These two-way radios provide a frequency of between 30 and 300 MHz. AS for UHF walkie talkies, they offer a shorter range, but they are more responsive to use in urban areas, in construction areas or in a large enclosed enclosure. 

If you need to use your walkie talkie for general or restrictive conversations, it's important to plan many channels. Ordinary, unlicensed two-way radios usually provide a maximum of 16 channels, while a walkie pro can use a hundred channels. Finally, it should be noted that the quality of the charging system of a walkie talkie remains very decisive. Hence the importance of choosing one that guarantees the most autonomy.

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