Micro spy recorder

The micro spy recorder is part of the panoply of the perfect spy. Electronic device of small size, intended to allow a look and a recording of the conversations discreetly, it was designed to go unnoticed. The recorder bug long duration is recognized to be a powerful gadget which - depending on the model - has many features.

The micro spy recorder is an ideal solution for people who need discreet but powerful hardware to capture sounds. He served in the missions of surveillance of homes, offices, or even, of open spaces. The recorder bug is sold in various formats which have in common their small size and their discretion. Generally, the mini recorder bug is available as a small case of very small - holding in the hollow of a hand for the more successful models. There are also very common formats of the recorder bug in the form of USB key - impossible to differentiate a classic USB - or of the pen spy... For a particular USB keys, in addition to recording of the bug, there is usual a normal USB storage function. We can therefore store data and use it to transfer them to another medium. Other models may also be used as a player and we can use it as a MP3 player.

In addition to its size reduced, undetectable by non warned, it is simple to use and does not require specific knowledge or special skills, apart from the ability to place it in the best place to pick up sounds at best. It is excellent for capturing all kinds of sounds and allows you to have a record of quality in different audio formats. The record can thus be read from your usual player - computer, Tablet, phone... For those looking for the absolute discretion, they can be fully satisfied with the version mini recorder bug to design particularly worked to improve its appearance. 

Generally, because of its small size, the recorder-spy goes unnoticed and can so be hidden in any container - Pocket Kit... - Although that does not diminish the quality of the recording obtained. For best performing models, it allows to have an audio file of high quality sound without the need for special treatment. However, where the background noises are too important - this is particularly the case for the records in the open air or in a group-, may still be considered to perform processing of the file obtained through software. It comes to individualized sounds and have more net, relieved of the parasite sounds records.

At the storage level, always for ease of use and meet a maximum of users, the ability is an important point to consider. It is this capability that ensures the recording made by the spy recorder microphone can be shorter or longer. For the most demanding, they can opt for models of recorder bug with high storage capacities for long-term records. So, more storage capacity is important over the micro recorder can record over a long period.