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Why get a babyphone with infrared vision?

The rise of connected objects improved the way parents monitor their babies. Farewell to home automation equipment surveillance video embarrassing and cumbersome. Now is the time to give way to the night vision babyphone. Practical and easy to use, this small device can work without the need for complicated installations. This device is also connected to a smartphone allows you to always keep an eye on your child wherever you are.

If you're not quite convinced yet, here are seven good reasons why you should change your mind:


The 7 main functional uses of an infrared-visioned babyphone

  1. The aircraft is equipped with a high-resolution video sensor and a microphone For monitor your baby at all times.
  2. Most of the models offered in shops incorporate a range of interesting functions that tends to expand.  
  3. Technology Connectivity this device also offers maximum compatibility with your other terminals, whether it's Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  4. One of the best guarantees this device can offer is that parents are constantly confident that their baby is okay. You will be able to interact better with your child without having to be there at his side all the time. You can sing a lullaby or amuse it directly from your tablet or smartphone.
  5. The functionality of infrared vision remains operational at all times, even if electricity is suddenly cut off.  
  6. Having a babyphone with infrared vision also saves you the effort of back and forth in the nursery. This saves you the risk of waking him up.