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What is the intercom function on a babyphone?

A babyphone is a surveillance device essential for parents. It helps you monitor your baby, whether you're at home or outside, day or night. This equipment has several interesting features that make it easy for you to get things done. One of them is the intercom function. Let's take a closer look at what this is really about.


How to soothe Baby with intercom function?

Intercom function is one of the uses of babyphone. It is dedicated to soothe baby when he cries or to put him to sleep more quickly. This function helps, in fact, to cradle the infant, but also to talk ingelwithe with him. Many young parents whose voices become more easily recognized by their little cabbage prefer this function. Such an option also makes your life easier because of the remote control. It is entirely possible for you to calm your baby, whether you're far away or close to him