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What are the additional options for babyphones?

A babyphone allows you to remotely monitor the baby in his room. A good babyphone can't be summed up in one mini camera or in one baby walkie-talkie. It has other optional features so you can monitor your child in the best conditions.


Air sensor option and moisture measurement

This option allows you toensure the room is at the right temperature necessary for baby's well-being. The babyphone may have a air sensor, from a Hygrometer measuring humidity and a Thermometer that automatically alert you to abnormal mood parameters (temperature too low or too high and atmosphere too humid).


Vox and lullaby mode

A baby is very light lying down and wakes up at the slightest noise. Thanks to the VOX function, you can reassure the baby by talking to him gently from a distance. A babyphone has an audio file with Lullabies you can also trigger remotely.


Babyphone and sleep function

A baby should not be placed in a room that is too bright or too dark. The babyphone may have an additional light measurement function. It can even act as a nightlight to diffuse a subdued and soft light in the baby's room..


Smart Eco and WIFI mode 

A good babyphone has a smart eco system. You put it in full charge for 4 hours for a battery life of 10 to 20 H. This property is important because it limits with FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) and DECT technologies, interference harmful to baby's health, very sensitive to this type of malicious waves. Also prefer the wifi-connected babyphone. You can monitor your baby at great distance with your smartphone.