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Are there babyphones with a digital zoom?

There are many babyphones with a remotely controlled digital zoom. The goal is to film the baby's every move in his environment.


What is a digital zoom?

Above all, be aware that digital zoom, unlike an analog zoom, is a feature of a modern babyphone from new digital technologies. This is an artificial magnification of the baby's image in the lens field of view. The babyphone processor calculates the distance and magnifies or shrinks the image according to the desired size.


Babyphone with digital zoom and close-up

The babyphone with digital zoom allows you to have a close-up view. The baby may have personal problems and you can see in detail all the features of his face. This way you can react quickly knowing what it needs.


Babyphone with digital zoom and medium shot

The digital zoom allows by remote control to also have an average shot. You'll see your baby in his crib. You'll know if there are any disruptive elements in your bed that can disturb your sleep.


Babyphone with digital zoom and wide shot

You can adjust the babyphone's digital zoom wide plane to alert to the slightest suspicious noise coming from the room. The digital zoom sweeps the whole room and you'll know what's going on there. So identify the remote elements of the cradle that disturb the baby in his sleep.


Babyhone with digital zoom connected

Connectivity allows you to control your device remotely. You can remotely remote the digital zoom via a Wi-Fi or 4G connection. It is recommended to install your babyphone with digital zoom 1 m from the cradle. Your babyphone with digital zoom should be able to rotate 120 degrees and tilt. You now know that there are babyphones, also equipped with night vision, with a digital zoom that allows you to have all the angles of view.