Dictaphone with dual microphones 360 degrees - This miniature dictaphone has a large memory capacity and a long battery life. W
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Dictaphone with dual microphones 360 degrees

This miniature dictaphone has a large memory capacity and a long battery life. With its capabilities, this device will be your ideal companion to help you memorize any useful information. Boost your productivity and lose no more data.

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In DictaphoneThere are a very large number of choices on the market. Today, these devices are perfectly capable of playing the role of real logs of edge or personal assistants. Among these, find it miniature Dictaphone also and functional design. Indeed, it is a very small device measuring 10.5 cm long, 2.4 cm wide, 1.3 cm thick and weighing only 40g in all. It is designed in a robust metal, but soft to the touch material.

Side capacity, this Digital Dictaphone saves the audio files in WAV format. This ensures the quality of the sound and allow you to get clear information. This is a feature which is also equipped with speakers You can listen to your recordings directly. However, in addition to being a digital voice recorderit doubles as a music player. He is then able to play WAV and MP3 files. In addition, its large capacity memory to store a large number of files. You can then choose between a memory of 8 GB, 16 GB or even 32 GB is equivalent to 600 songs. On the side of autonomy, thanks to its integrated battery, lithium polymer, it can ensure a continuous record of 90 hours. The LCD display, available to the unit, will allow you to monitor the battery level and the registration State.

Asdigital audio recorderIt is surmounted by 360 microphonesperfect to capture all the sounds you need. It is also equipped with intelligent voice control function. Indeed, this modern device is capable to activate recording when there is noise and to stand-by when there is more. This will allow you to optimize the use of your storage space. However, to give you the freedom to record what is essential, thevoice recorder also has manual controls. The handling is easy, making it a compact, portable and convenient device. It will be your ally either during class, at meetings or to record some conversations discreetly. In this last respect, the unit can be secured by a password in order to not leak sensitive information. In all cases, this audio recorder/player, and at the same time storage device, you will be very useful.

Data sheet

40 grams
10, 5 x 2, 4 x 1, 3 cm
Supports up to 32 GB microSD cards
Continuous recording time
90 hours
Lithium polymer
Yes - two - 360 degrees
Type of interface
USB 2.0
Possible operating temperature
-5 ° C to + 45 ° C
Battery capacity
200 mAh
Internal memory
8-16-32 GB
Audio format
WAV, mp3