Digital voice recorder with double microphone - This digital recorder has the noise reduction function which ensures the good q
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Digital voice recorder with double microphone

This digital recorder has the noise reduction function which ensures the good quality of its recordings. It has a 800 mAh rechargeable battery that offers a battery life of up to 100 hours. It has the function of voice command as well as a MP3 player.

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This voice recorder is the perfect ally in progress and at the office. Don't let pass any important information thanks to its impressive ability to record. First by its storage capacity, since the device comes in three versions, one with 8 GB of memory, another with 16 and last with 32 GB. The three are extensible with card external memory with a maximum capacity of 64 GB. For better handling, the device is equipped with a wide LCD display. You'll be able to navigate through the menus and see in real time the status of the current record. A number of buttons are intended to improve the handling of the gadget. For example, there is buttons that allow to directly activate a function, without having to search in the menu. This is the case of noise reduction control located on the side of the unit. 

The camera can record the sounds up to 1536 kbps for a result high definition. The resulting files are saved in WAV or MP3 formats. It has two microphones for optimal decision-making of the sound that surrounds it.  With this digital voice recorderyour data will be always kept in safety. Each file is encrypted and cannot be opened by entering a password that you're going to set yourself. The Timestamp function, automatically saves files by date and time. This function allows you to know the date and time of registration so that you can easily find the data you're looking for. The voice command feature is very handy, because it suffices that the device is in the presence of voice to activate. Like this, you are sure not to miss anything. 

THErecorder is powered by a 800 mAh rechargeable battery that offers up to more than 100 hours of battery life. Autonomy is optimized when the battery is fully charged. Also integrating an MP3 player feature, the unit can play several audio formats including MP3 and WMA. It also supports 24 languages. Upon delivery, the package contains the device to the desired storage capacity, an easy transfer cable, earphones, audio cable and an instruction manual and a bag waterproof. 

Data sheet

Continuous recording time
100 hours
Operating system
Windows and Mac OS
Lithium polymer
Yes - two MIC condenser microphones
Battery capacity
800 mAh
Screen size
1.8 inches
Haut parleur
Audio format
WAV, Mp3