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Audio Recorder With Modern Design And Features

This voice recorder is the ideal tool to store important audio. This is an innovative product, both in terms of design and functionality, that will provide quality recordings. This digital dictaphone features a large memory capacity and various advanced options.

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Dictaphones have made significant progress since they first appeared on the market. Today, the most modern models share the common feature of a slim design combined with various functionalities. This is the case of this model which is made of a very beautiful, robust and smooth white metal. The device is a very small and measures 7.62 cm long, 3.7 cm wide and 1.17 cm thick. Although it is a miniature dictaphone, that doesn't mean it won't perform well, quite the contrary.

This digital recorder dictaphone has the unique characteristic of being equipped with a 1.44 inch color screen, which ensures that the information is read more clearly. The voice recorder saves files in WAV or Mp3 format. In playback mode, it is capable of reading all APE, Mp3, FLAC and WAV files. In order to store all your important data, this digital dictaphone is equipped with 16GB of memory. This rechargeable dictaphone is equipped with a 3.7V and 360mAh lithium battery. The device comes with a charger that includes a housing and USB cable. The cable allows you to transfer your files to your computer. With all these features, this recording dictaphone can hold up to 1200 hours of recorded files. In terms of battery life, you can count on this device to provide more than 12 hours of continuous recording.

The quality of the sounds recorded by the dictaphone is exceptional thanks to the high sensitivity dual microphone of the device. This allows the digital recorder to pick up even the slightest sounds and significantly reduce unwanted surrounding noise. This recording dictaphone also includes a voice-activated recording function. It activates the recording as soon as it detects a sound and deactivates it as soon as the noise source is gone. 

In addition to its functions as a digital audio recorder, it is also an excellent audio player. For example, you can use it as a loudspeaker. It also allows you to play the recorded files or listen to stored music. This multifunctional device can be used as a recording device, a digital watch, an alarm, and all this in various languages. To help you manage your recordings easily , this digital dictaphone stores all your files chronologically (by date and time).

Data sheet

Operating system
Load time
2 hours
Lithium polymer
Yes dual microphone with noise reduction
Possible operating temperature
-5 ℃ to + 40 ℃
Battery capacity
360 mAh
Internal memory
16 GB
Screen size
1.44 inches
Audio format
WAV, Mp3