Dictaphone digital art with features handy - Very nice color black, lightweight digital dictaphone, built-in speaker, internal
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Dictaphone digital art with features handy

Very nice color black, lightweight digital dictaphone, built-in speaker, internal memory of 16 GB, 3 hours for only 5 minutes to load.

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This mini voice recorder Professional will help you to record various types of audio files. With a capacity of 16 GB of memory, this device allows you to save a wide variety of data. Indeed, this recorder Dictaphone can store approximately 10,000 files. Available in a unique color black, it remains discreet in every situation. With it, you will realize your records without much difficulty. More, it is a fine camera for 90 mm long, 28 mm wide and 1.7 mm thick.  Taking little space and weighs just 45g, it won't at all bulky.

With regard to its specificities, this miniature Dictaphone realize records in WAV and MP3 format. In addition to his abilities as a voice recorder, it's a smart voice recorder that has a voice-activated recording feature. That is that recording is activated when there is noise and stops as soon as there is more. This is a feature that allows you do not needlessly lose your storage space. The device recognizes the important sounds and focuses on it. The sound quality is achieved through the built-in multi directional microphone. However, the digital voice recorder is also equipped with a Jack to add a microphone or to put headphones.  For listening, this voice recorder also includes a high quality speakerphone. Realism and the delicacy of the sounds will help you make the most of recorded information. 

To ensure permanently records, this Dictaphone is rechargeable. Indeed, it includes a 200mAh lithium battery. It is a strong, effective and sustainable model. It loads quickly. Besides, a small charge of 5 minutes is equivalent to a capacity for at least 3 hours registration. What is more, the USB cable used to charge the device can also be used to transfer your files from your device to your computer. To indicate battery level, the mode of operation or even the course of registration, the digital voice recorder is equipped with a LCD screen. The latter is backlit so that important information remains visible.

Being a smart device, each record is automatically renamed chronologically. For more discretion, there is no sound, no lights on during the use of the voice recorder. And finally, so that you won't lose any data, the device automatically saves all past entries before extinction.

Data sheet

45 grams
Operating system
iOS and windows
Lithium polymer
Type of interface
USB 2.0
Battery capacity
200 mAh
Internal memory
16 GB
Haut parleur
Audio format