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State-Of-The-Art Digital Voice Recorder With Very Practical Features

Very nice black digital dictaphone, lightweight, built-in speaker, 16GB internal memory, 3 hours of recordings for only 5 minutes of charging.

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This professional mini voice recorder will help you record various types of audio files. With a large memory capacity of 16 GB, this device will allow you to store a wide variety of data. Indeed, this recorder dictaphone can store about 10,000 files. Available in a unique black colour, it remains discreet in any situation. This will make it easy to carry out your recordings. This thin device is 90 mm long, 28 mm wide and 1.7 mm thick.  Taking up little space and weighing only 45g, it will not be at cumbersome to carry around.

This miniature dictaphone supports recordings in WAV and MP3 format. In addition to its abilities to record sounds, this dictaphone features an intelligent voice-activated recording function. This means that the recording is activated when a noise is detected and stops as soon as there is no more noise. This feature allows you not to waste your storage space unnecessarily. The device recognizes important sounds and focuses on them. Sound quality is ensured by the built-in multi-directional microphone. This digital voice recorder is also equipped with a jack input to use a microphone or headphones.  This dictaphone also includes a high quality speaker for playback. You will be able to make the most of the recorded data thanks to the realism of the sounds. 

In order to ensure permanent recording, this dictaphone is rechargeable. It includes a 200mAh lithium battery. It is a durable and efficient model that charges quickly. Moreover, a short 5-minute charge is equivalent to a recording capacity of at least 3 hours. In addition, the USB cable used to charge the device can also be used to transfer your files from your device to your computer. This digital dictaphone is equipped with an LCD screen to display the battery level, the mode or the progress of the recording. The screen is backlit so that important information remains clearly visible.

Each recording is automatically renamed chronologically. For greater discretion, there will be no sound or light emitted during its use. And finally, in order not to lose any data, the device automatically saves all the last entries before switching off. This product is currently unavailable

Data sheet

45 grams
Operating system
iOS and windows
Lithium polymer
Interface type
USB 2.0
Battery capacity
200 mAh
Internal memory
16 GB
Audio format