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8 GB Digital Voice Recorder

2 in 1 device with both voice recording and music playing functions. It offers a recording time of 650 hours for an autonomy of 30 hours. 

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Taking notes is no longer enough to avoid missing important information in class or in meetings. The use of a voice recorder may be a good solution. This digital voice recorder is made for you. With a memory capacity of 8GB, it offers up to 650 hours of recording time that you can use in your work or studies. Not only can it be used to record meetings and courses, but it can also record telephone conversations. This compact device discreetly records conversations in any situation.

This device is easy to handle. It also has an LCD screen that displays the status of the current recording. It is available in only one color, grey. With its large memory capacity and autonomy, you will have several hours of recording time. The sound quality is impressive. The sound quality is crystal clear and no noise will disturb your listening experience. You can record your telephone conversations from a landline by using an adapter. Please note that this function is not compatible with a mobile phone. It also has a voice-activated recording function. This digital voice recorder is equipped with a recording button, a stop button and a play/pause button.

The device also features a music player and is therefore compatible with several audio formats, whether MP3 or WAV. You have a + and - volume button on each side of the device. Simply connect it to your computer to download your songs. Thanks to the 2.0 USB connection, data transfer is ultra-fast. It is compatible with Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 10 without the need for a driver software. The Li-Ion battery provides high autonomy to the device. When fully charged, it can record for about 30 hours. The battery can be charged directly from the USB port of a PC or a power outlet.

Data sheet

85 x 36 x 14 mm
Streaming time
30 hours
Operating system
Windows and IOS
Interface type
Mini usb 2.0
Internal memory
8 GB
Audio format