20 million pixel shooting camera trigger in 0.4 second
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20 million pixel shooting camera trigger in 0.4 second

20 MP full HD shooting camera, 20 meter motion detector, infrared vision, temperature display, 2 inch LCD display, ultra fast 0.4 second trigger time.

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With this hunting camera 20 million full HD pixels observe the movements and behaviors of the game during the day or night. Nature lovers will be delighted to use this device to observe the fauna and flora. And even if, initially it is destined for the wilderness, it can also serve as a surveillance camera in your home. To blend completely into the landscape and not attract attention, the hunting camera is aesthetically camouflage type. That is, it has shades of color that allow it to hide easily in nature.

Attached to a shaft using a fastening strap, the Photo trap is triggered by a motion detector with a range of 20 meters. This model can take a picture of the animal that has been detected by the device. Using multishot mode, you get 3 photos at a time during each detection. the the trigger time of the image sensor is 0.4 seconds so you don't ration the target. 

there hunting camera has a 20 million pixel color image sensor that gives you crisp images and excellent accuracy. Also equipped with a Microphone, you will be able to capture all the ambient sounds around the device. The recorded videos are also of good quality, as they benefit from a 1080P definition. In order to cover a wide field of vision, its objective is an angle of 112 °. The device allows wildlife to be observed in its natural environment at any time. This is why it has been equipped with a function of night vision. This is possible thanks to a infrared lens of 54 LED parts allowing it to function in the dark. Without the need to use Flash that could scare the target, the camera delivers high-sharpness black and white night pictures. In the daytime, the images are in color. These images are saved in a micro SD memory card with a capacity of up to 64 GB previously inserted.

Data sheet

Supports microSD cards up to 64Gb
Video format
HDMI, USB, SD card, solar charger plug
20 million
Angle of view
112 degrees
Image format
Possible operating temperature
From-30 °c to + 60 °c
Compression format
H. 264
Infrared vision
54 invisible led 940nm
Trigger time
0.4 s
Screen size
two inches
Night vision distance
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