Dashcam HD DVR wide angle G-sensor
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Dashcam HD DVR wide angle G-sensor

This car camera is the ideal device to film your tracks by car discreetly. With the G-sensor, the key files saved by the device will be automatically locked and backed up. Angle 120 degrees, reduced size, cycle recording, time and date display.

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Film and record all events that occur when you are driving with this car camera. Thanks to its image sensor, the resolution of the images is 1080P, which will ensure you videos of very good quality, not insignificant Trump, especially if you are led to prove your innocence in a possible collision. A sharp image can indeed reveal all the smallest details of the incident and be used in case you need to identify the actual circumstances of the event. The image is also enhanced by a high-level compression processor as is the case with all DVR devices. But that's not all, because with a angle of view of 120 °, this model will offer you a wide aperture for shooting does not deform.

The device benefits from thecontinuous recording. That is, you will no longer worry about whether you have enough storage memory when you are riding. In fact, regardless of the mileage you make, the camera continuously films permanently. The new files overwrite the first ones. Of course, you can equip your device with a memory card with a capacity of 8 to 32 G0 maximum. Preferably choose a class 10 memory card to be able to make the most of the performance of the car embedded camera

The onboard car camera is equipped with the G-sensor technology, a handy function in a continuous recording camera like the dash cam . With this technology, you are not afraid to lose key files during loop recording, as they are automatically locked in case of collision or abrupt change of speed. They will not be part of the normal recording cycle. 

there motion detection is a significant feature for car-embedded cameras. As a general rule, the Dashcam turns on and off with the motor of the vehicle. When the motor turns off, it immediately goes into standby. But your car is not less supervised, because with the motion detector, the device restarts automatically and each movement in its direction is recorded.

Data sheet

Supports microSD cards up to 32Gb
Video format
Angle of view
120 degrees
Motion detection
Image format
Compression format
H. 264
G-sensor function