Dashcam 4K WiFi ultra HD 2160P innovative
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Dashcam 4K WiFi ultra HD 2160P innovative

This Dashcam for car is an ultra HD camera of 2160P. With its wide-angle lens of 145 °, it offers a wide field of vision that can be useful to prove the progress of possible incidents. You can also connect the device with your Smartphone via WiFi.

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there Dashcam for car is a high performance device with a objective of a resolution of 2880x2160P. Since this is a DVR device, it compresses the backed up files to save your storage space. With this device you have a 145 ° wide-angle view which offers a fairly wide shot. The V4689 CMOS image sensor is the source of the performance of this car camera. Among other things, it allows you to capture images with precise colors so that you can distinguish between day and night signs. 

The device already has a built-in LCD display from which you can view all the recordings that are in progress or backed up. However, you can also use your Smartphone to view them. All you have to do is connect the device to the latter via WiFi. When you connect the two devices, you can control the operation of the camera with your phone. You can either enable video recording, capture photos, or change all settings. 

With loop recording, do not miss any important event on the road due to a storage memory deficit. Indeed, there is no point in having a onboard camera If it will let you go when you need it most. Therefore, with this model the recording is continuous even if you are running out of memory. The new files will overwrite the oldest files and so on. However, locked files are not overwritten. This is the G-sensor technology or G-sensor that locks some important files. In the event of a collision or abrupt change in speed, the G-sensor automatically locks the records at the exact time it occurred. 

With a motion detectorthere Dashcam can be put on standby when you park. This will save you energy. In addition, you may not miss important events as the motion detector activates the camera when it detects something or someone. Your vehicle will be monitored continuously through the parking monitor that automatically registers when an event occurs.

Data sheet

71 gram
78x54x40 mm
Supports microSD cards up to 64Gb
2880x2160P ultra HD 4K
Video format
Micro SD, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0
Angle of view
145 degrees
Motion detection
Lithium polymer
Image format
Battery capacity
200 mAh
Compression format
H. 264
Infrared vision
Screen size
two inches
Mobile application
Screen ratio
G-sensor function