Dashcam car DVR full HD 2K
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Dashcam car DVR full HD 2K

The Dashcam for car offers an image of a resolution 2304x1296P. It has a wide-angle lens of 170 ° that can cover up to 4 lanes during traffic. With WDR technology, you are sure to get high quality images no matter the ambient brightness. 

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there dascam for car has all the essential features. This starts in particular with the high definition videos To resolution 2304x1296 It offers you. For a more complete overview, the unit wide-angle camera, whose vision is wide at 170 °. In order to improve the performance of the video recording, it is equipped with the WDR technology. It allows a quality rendering, no matter the ambient brightness. It improves the brightness of the dark areas and avoids the overexposure of the light zones.  This technology goes hand-in- night vision which aims to give a clear picture during night recordings. This is possible thanks to the wide and large aperture lens that collects more light even in low light conditions. 

This Dashcam the continuous recording function. It snaps automatically as soon as you start your car so you no longer need to turn it on manually. The same way it turns off by itself when you park. It is only after the standby mode takes over. The interest of a Loop recording is that you never crash storage space because old files will be continually replaced by new ones. The recording never stops. The presence of the G-sensor is then required in a loop-recording camera. With this technology, the current recordings will be automatically locked in the event of a collision. Because of this, these files will not be overwritten by the new ones. The sensitivity of this G-sensor is adjustable to 3 levels. 

Equipped with a parking monitorthere Dashcam car provides constant monitoring of your vehicle when parked outside your reach. This works in concert with the motion detection function. Since the device goes into standby mode when the vehicle is parked, it will be the turn of the motion detector to trigger the camera when something or someone is facing it. The same will be the same for the parking instructor. Moreover, the angle of the lens can be adjusted manually according to the parking conditions. 

Data sheet

Supports micro SD cards up to 64Gb maximum
Frame per second
Video format
Micro SD, AV-out, mini USB
Angle of view
170 degrees
Motion detection
Lithium polymer
Image format
Battery capacity
300 mAh
Compression format
H. 264
Infrared vision
Screen size
four inches
Haut parleur
Screen ratio
G-sensor function