Onboard full HD WiFi DVR camera
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Onboard full HD WiFi DVR camera

This car-mounted camera has a wide-angle lens of 170 ° offering a large shot. The device can be connected via WiFi with a Smartphone or a digital Tablet using a mobile application. This will allow you to control the device remotely, but also to watch videos.

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We recognize a good car camera Thanks to the many features that it contains. With regard to this product, it benefits from several practical technologies and functions that make it the device for registering a road route par excellence.

These assets include the motion detector, a particularly useful function when the car is parked and the device is in standby mode. The standby mode means that the device is not active and does not record. So you think that the incidents that may occur in your absence are not filmed. Think again, because every time the motion detector detects an object or person in motion, the device starts and films everything. It turns off as soon as the motion source disappears.

Small in size, the car camera is discreet on your windshield, however it is not equipped with a viewing screen. It doesn't matter because using its named mobile app, you have the option to connect with the device from other devices via WiFi. For example, you can use your Smartphone to watch the current recording and record files. You can also make adjustments from the application.

In terms of image quality, the device is not left in front of other products. Thanks to a high-level image sensor, the Dashcam offers videos of a resolution of 1920x1080P or 1280x720P to choose from. Note, however, that the lowest resolution allows you to save on the storage space of your device without the quality of the image being baked. For storage, you will need to add one of a micro SD memory card up to 32 GB. Note that videos will be saved in AVI format and photos in JPG.

Running with a loop recording, the videos are recorded continuously, crushing the oldest files by replacing them with the latest. However, in the event of a collision, or other accidents, the G-sensor technology automatically locks the affected files so that they do not enter the loop recording cycle and do not fade.

Data sheet

Supports microSD cards up to 32Gb
1920 * 1080 P
Frame per second
Video format
Angle of view
170 degrees
Motion detection
Image format
Compression format
H. 264
Mobile application
G-sensor function