Dashcam 4K WIFI GPS with night vision
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Dashcam 4K WIFI GPS with night vision

This model is a very high resolution Dashcam up to 2880x2160P 4K. With an angle of view of 170 °, it leaves little room for the blind spots. It provides continuous monitoring to your vehicle through the motion detector and a parking monitor. 

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This Dashcam 4K makes you enjoy exceptional image quality to get clear recordings of your routes by car. While most car-embedded cameras 1080P resolution, it provides you with a high-definition image resolution of 2880x2160 P at 24 fps and 1920x1080 at 30 fps. An image sensor of this performance is all the more coupled with a angle of view of 170 ° which allows you a wide shot with little blind spot. This ensures a better image quality day and night. 

Easy to use, the device has a dedicated mobile app that allows you to control it remotely via WiFi. You can immediately change settings, start recordings, and take pictures. In the same way, you can also view real-time recordings on your Smartphone, although the device already incorporates a 2.4 inch LCD screen. The download files can also be downloaded from your Smartphone, from where you have several possibilities to share them on the Internet. the built-in GPS module the device performs a geolocation and records all the data in each sequence. This way, your will know accurately your itinerary. 

Equipped with G-sensor technology or G-sensorthere Dashcam will allow you to lock the recording files when an event occurs, for example, a collision or a sudden turn. This technology finds its interest in a camera Loop recording like this one. That is, you never run out of storage space with it. The new files overwrite the oldest files and so on. With the G-sensor, the files recorded during the incidents are locked and do not enter the cycle of the loop recording. 

This type of device cannot offer a good performance without the motion detection function. This technology is handy when the vehicle is parked away from where you are. there Dashcam provides permanent monitoring of the car. Since the motor is stopped, the device goes into standby mode, but automatically restarts in the presence of motion to be able to record everything. He goes to sleep as soon as the source of the movement is gone. there parking monitor function works the same way when it detects a collision and the car is parked. The resulting files are locked to serve as evidence.

Data sheet

Supports microSD cards up to 64Gb
HD ultra 2880 * 2160P
Video format
Angle of view
170 degrees
Motion detection
Lithium polymer
Image format
Type of interface
Micro SD, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0
Battery capacity
250 mAh
Compression format
H. 264
Screen size
2.4 inches
Screen ratio
G-sensor function
GPS logger