HD camera for car - Camera mounted to drive with a good quality image thanks to the 720 p format. Compatible with Android 6.0.5
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Onboard HD camera for car

Car camera with a good image quality thanks to the 720P format. Compatible with Android 4.4, you can use your Smartphone to view directly the backed up files in real time. Equipped with a parking monitor, it works like a surveillance camera when the car is out of your sight.

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This onboard camera is a small device that sticks to the windshield of your vehicle with a suction cup system. She films and records all the events you may encounter on the road. It starts automatically when you turn on your engine and stops itself when you stop. When your car is parked and it stays there unattended, the Parking monitor technology takes over. This is a motion detector that will activate as soon as it picks up movements in the direction of the vehicle. In case of shock, it will film and save the file so that you can see it later.

there car embedded camera does not include a display screen, but it is compatible with your Android Smartphone 4.4. With a USB cable supplied with the package, you can connect your phone and view recordings in real time or backed up files. Its modern design and black color will not remove the elegance of your vehicle. The quality of the image is paramount for a device such as this one. This is why the Dash Cam has a 720P recording resolution with H. 264 image compression.

It can take care of a external memory card with a capacity of 32 GB maximum and benefits from the continuous or loop recording function. This means that you will not miss any storage space. Regardless of the length of your journey, the camera films continuously and permanently. The new saved files overwrite and overwrite the first files and so on. Only, with your 32 GB memory card, you have a longer recording time. This even allows you to transfer the recording files to your computer if needed. The device Dashcam has several functions designed to improve the image taken by the onboard camera, including the WDR and the night vision which together bring a high quality image at night. The WDR improves image quality, regardless of brightness, and night vision brings clarity through infrared lamps. With its dedicated mobile app, the device can be controlled from your Smartphone. Once you have installed the application, you go to the settings menu and configure the settings and storage options.

Data sheet

Supports microSD cards up to 32Gb
Frame per second
Video format
Angle of view
170 degrees
Image format
Type of interface
Micro SD/TF, USB 2.0
Possible operating temperature
From-30 °c to + 70 °c
Photo resolution
Compression format
H. 264
DC 5 V
Image sensor
1/3 "Sony CCD