Walkie talkie intercom with FM and Bluetooth for motorcycle helmet - Solo motorcycle intercom

Walkie talkie intercom with FM and Bluetooth for motorcycle helmet

It is a motorcycle Bluetooth kit that you can use in different ways. It allows easy communication and gives you the opportunity to have control over your calls. FM radio, range 1000 meters, noise reducer, waterproof.

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This solo motorcycle intercom allows you to easily chat with other riders. Also, you will have the opportunity to drive securely. You will receive a phone call in an automatic way and it will not be necessary to press a button to unhook. You can reject a call or hang up. this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet also allows you to listen to music and have control over your playlist. This allows you to pause the play, move to the next music, or go back. 

This small Intercom motorcycle Bluetooth allows you to connect with the GPS. The maximum range between 2 runners is 1000 meters. Also note that this device works like a Bluetooth headset. The communication between 2 people is then established by the Bluetooth system. On the other hand, this device can be combined with different types of motorcycle helmet. Thanks to its long-lasting battery, you will be able to communicate for 8 hours. This is possible thanks to the built-in 450 mAh battery. For quality listening, you can bet on the noise suppression and echo cancellation technology

For optimal use of this free hand motorcycle kit, first remember to loosen the clip and tighten to the helmet. Then fasten the clip through the screw and tighten securely. Then attach the clip to the device. With this powerful and practical device, you will no longer need to Pierce your helmet. 

To chat with other riders, you just need to press the power button until the light takes on a red and blue color. Then press 1 power button and you will hear a little music. Your devices will be connected. All that remains is to install the gadget on your helmet and talk while driving.  If you want to use this Intercom to listen to music from your mobile phone, you need to take the walkie-talkie out to press the power button until a light shines. Turn on your Smartphone's Bluetooth and connect it to the device. Place the device on your headset and listen to your music list. 

Data sheet

Load time
2 to 3 hours
Lithium polymer
8 hours in conversation
Battery capacity
450 mAh
1000 meters
Yes 3.0
Listen to music
Noise reducer