3000 meter multifunction motorcycle intercom Bluetooth IP66 - Solo motorcycle intercom
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3000 meter multifunction motorcycle intercom Bluetooth IP66

This Free hand motorcycle kit is a practical device that facilitates exchanges between runners. It is endowed with different options and fulfilled various roles. It is one of the most powerful interrupps, it has a range of 3 km.

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this motorcycle Bluetooth kit is easy to carry around on your own. Indeed, it has a length of 15 cm for a width of 8 cm and a height of 6 cm. In addition, it weighs only 164 grams and does not require much room for storage. It is an equipment that allows you to communicate with another person who can be located 3 km from where you are. So it has an important scope. It should also be noted that this free hand motorcycle kit is compatible with any type of walkie-talkie. This small tool supports phone calls that come to you. It can dial the last number on your call list if you wish. It also allows you to listen to music on your mobile phone. To do this, you can rely on the wireless technology that is characteristic of this small device. 

Thanks to this Duo motorcycle intercom, you can chat privately without others hearing snippets of your conversations. It is pledged of a display operation interface and all, liquid crystal. It's a gadget that can be manipulated without much difficulty. With IP66-level sealing, rest assured, as this device withstands water and dust at the same time. With its humanized concept, it is equipped with a USB interface, also, you can charge it on a USB socket. 

this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet operates on a voltage of 3.7 V. If you want to charge it, you must do so using a 5V plug. Otherwise, you may damage the device. It should also be noted that this intercom can operate at temperatures between-20 °c and 60 °c. Not to mention that it can also integrate 22 channels and its frequency range is between 462 and 467 MHz.

With this motorcycle Bluetooth, you will no longer feel lonely on the road given that it gives you the ability to communicate with other people hiking parties with you. In addition, you will enjoy the noise reduction technology. Also, you will be able to listen to every word of your interlocutors even if you move at high speed. 

This motorcycle Bluetooth headset comes with all the necessary accessories, including an intercom, a clip, a stereo headset, a controller, 2 felted adhesive pads, a charging cable and the user's manual.

Data sheet

164 grams
Possible operating temperature
-20 °c to 60 °c
3000 meters
Yes 2.1
Listen to music
Noise reducer