Bluetooth kit motorcycle waterproof design FM radio 1000 meters - Solo motorcycle intercom
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Bluetooth kit motorcycle waterproof design FM radio 1000 meters

It is a motorcycle Bluetooth kit that you can manipulate in different ways. It is characterized by many options that make it unique in its genre. With its performance, it offers you optimal communication. Waterproof, range of 1000 meters, FM radio, noise reducer, long autonomy.

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this free hand motorcycle kit is associatable to various types of helmets including universal models, those that are open or even flip-up headphones and other prototypes. It is a small device that can slip everywhere since it only measures 8 cm on 5.5 cm (L x l) and all, for a height of 2.5 cm. 

This Duo motorcycle intercom can also be connected to a Bluetooth headset. He can also act as a cell phone or intercom. It is also used to listen to music in stereo. As a mobile phone, be aware that this device gives you the opportunity to make and answer calls. You can also refuse calls. This device supports the voice command. With the FM radio function of this device, you can listen to your favorite stations at all times. 

Thanks to the transmission on A2DP, you can listen to music from your Smartphone on this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. You then have control over the music you are listening to. You can pause playback or play the music that follows. Also note that with this motorcycle Bluetooth, you benefit from the processing and noise reduction. Also, you can quickly ride and communicate or listen to music without hearing noises from outside. Likewise, the quality of the call will be perfectly clear and you will have no frying on the line. 

This device can also take care of dialing the last number so that you can recall more quickly. The audio cable of this equipment also gives you the possibility to connect to your MP3 or even to your GPS. It is equipped with a 500 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery. it allows you to communicate for 10 hours If you use it as a phone. If you use it as an intercom, the battery has an 8-hour lifespan. In standby, this device withstands for 300 hours. Its charging time does not exceed 3 hours.

With this feature out of the ordinary, you won't feel lonely on the road since you can use it with friends or couple to talk to you while riding. You can be far away from each other without stopping to communicate. Indeed, this Intercom allows individuals on a motorcycle to communicate even if a distance of 1000 meters.

Data sheet

Load time
three hours
Lithium polymer
10 hours of communication
Battery capacity
500 mAh
1000 meters
Yes 3.0
Noise reducer
FM Radio