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Free hand Kit motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 range 1km

This Bluetooth motorcycle kit allows you to communicate group by intercom at a distance of 1000 meters. Benefiting from HVAC and DSP technologies, the sound is crisp and clear even at high speed. The intercom is connected to a device with a voice control system.

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Make your bike rides more enjoyable with the use of themotorcycle intercom. Supporting connection via Bluetooth 4.1, it facilitates communication between 4 people in a maximum distance of 1000 meters. This kit is ideal for group outings. Also, be sure to receive no interference even if you are riding at a speed of more than 100 km/h. Note that the device also ensures high quality Bluetooth transmission with your mobile phone. This allows you to have access to your mobile apps such as MP3 player, GPS and phone. Easily switch phone calls with a single click. Besides, it's not the only device you can connect with your intercom. Indeed, it can interact with all gadgets equipped with Bluetooth connection, whether it be a digital tablet or a GPS plotter, which expands your possibilities. 

At the same time, you will be able to access the radio and your music playlist, without having to do a lot of operations. Moreover, if by chance you are in possession of a Smartphone with a voice control system, such as Apple Siri or S – voice, manual actions will no longer be necessary. You will only have to press the multifunction button to activate the voice command

TheIntercom is powered by a 800 mAh lithium battery which gives you a good autonomy, especially when it is fully charged. In standby mode, you will receive 400 hours of battery life while you have 10 hours of speaking time intercom. 

To give you a remarkable sound quality, the motorcycle Bluetooth kit has been equipped with the HVAC noise reduction technology. This eliminates the wind and engine noises so you can hear your interlocutor perfectly. And so that you can share information with your fellow travellers, the built-in microphone the unit also filters the wind noise. 

The main unit of the unit has been designed in a solid material to be shock-resistant. Regardless of the temperature, this will not affect its operation. This makes it can also be used in the mountains when you go skiing. waterproofThemotorcycle intercom resistant to weather and splashes of water.

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Lithium polymer
10 hours of communication
Battery capacity
800 mAh
Voice command
Yes 4.1
Listen to music
Noise reducer