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Intercom motorcycle Pro Bluetooth with FM radio

This motorcycle intercom allows you to keep in touch with 5 companions of the road at the same time at a distance of 1200 meters. With this device, you can share information about the journey with you. A remote control installed at the handle level will also make it easier for you to access all your mobile applications.

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Themotorcycle intercom is the Bluetooth kit for ideal motorcycle. The unit comes with a remote control that installs on the two-wheel handle so you can easily manipulate it while driving. From this remote, you can have access to all the applications on your phone, be it Radio, music player or GPS. The device contains a command for calls as well as a volume up and down music button. The device automatically receives incoming calls so you don't have to do more manipulation. Not to mention that it also works with advanced Bluetooth profiles like A2DP and EDR. With the NFC function, you only have to pair the device and your phone once so that the connection between the two is only automatic in the future. 

this motorcycle hands-free kit allows you to keep in touch with your fellow travellers and for this it can support up to 5 riders at the same time. With an impressive range, the device can capture the other motorcycle intercom at a distance of 1200 meters at a speed of 120 km/hour. If you are worried that communication will go wrong because of the noises, you have no worries to do, because theIntercom has a wind and traffic noise cancelling technology, the DSP

Themotorcycle Bluetooth headset has been created for all kinds of helmets, whether it be a full-face helmet or half-head. Moreover, it resists well to the weather. Whatever the temperature, its operation is not lacking. This is why the unit can also be used for skiing. Its power supply is ensured by a lithium-ion battery which offers a few hours of autonomy. If you are constantly in intercom mode, you benefit from 8 hours of autonomy. Of course, the use of other applications like the MP3 player will not consume much energy. 

TheIntercom comes with a remote control, stereo headphones and tools to allow you to easily install it. You will also be provided with a charging cable and instructions for use.

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Lithium polymer
8 hours in conversation
1200 meters
Yes 3.0
Noise reducer
FM Radio