Intercom for Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and FM radio - Solo motorcycle intercom
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Intercom for Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and FM radio

This motorcycle Bluetooth kit many functions allows to listen to what other bikers say, without noises. It is easy to install and manipulate. Range 1000 meters, high autonomy, FM radio, noise reduction outside.

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this free hand motorcycle kit gives bikers the opportunity to listen to the GPS voice instructions transmitted to them. It also allows communication with the passenger. It is a device that is used to make calls. It also serves as an MP3 player and allows you to listen to music. It is a product that promotes the exchange of information between bikers.

this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet works with any mobile phone that is equipped with the Bluetooth connection. It has been designed to provide outstanding performance and robustness. This intercom for motorcycle is equipped with an intercom that gives the opportunity to two people to chat freely while being on the road. He can metamorphose into a cell phone to make calls. You can also automatically hang up if needed. Otherwise, using this tool, users can reject calls. The sound quality is excellent given that this device is characterised by the reduction and processing of noise. Therefore, it is possible to hear well even for those who roll quickly. 

This motorcycle intercom supports vocal compositions, it is then able to compose the last number. The transmission on A2DP allows you to enjoy the list of music that comes from the Smartphone. Also, the user will be able to change the music, go back to the previous song or pause.  To mount the intercom, the device must be slid into the slots in the clip holder of the headset. Then, you need to make sure of the lock by trying to extract the device. Afterwards, the microphone arm and the speaker must be secured in the helmet. Then it is necessary to take the ear speaker and attach it to the Velcro. All that remains is to place the arm of the Microphone to the place of the mouth. There is only to connect the headphone socket after the pins have been matched. In order for the device to go into standby mode, press and hold the power button at the end of the gadget. The blue LED will blink and the user has to release the button

To switch off the unit, press the black power button for about 5 seconds and the lights will turn off after 2 tones. To match the device to the user's mobile, press the power button and hold it down until a red and blue light flashes. This happens after 8 seconds and when the device is in pairing mode, a tone will sound. You will only have to pair it on the Smartphone. 

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8 hours in conversation
1000 meters
Listen to music
Noise reducer
FM Radio