HD 1080P spy camera pen - Pen Camera
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HD 1080P spy camera pen

This spy pen is equipped with a quality camera and a camouflaged microphone to shoot videos with sound. Its sleek design and ergonomics camouflage its monitoring function.

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This pen contains a Micro spy camera of safe value with a Microphone ultrasensitive. It allows you to record shots and videos in high definition. Their resolutions are 1600 x 1200 pixels for photos, respectively. The device is capable of capturing 30 frames per second and guarantees smooth animations. Surveillance and investigations can be done in total secrecy since no one will suspect the presence of a filmed lens. It has a location for a bus micro SD memory up to 32GB to store the stored files.

The files of this camera pen are backed up in JPG formats for shots and AVI for videos. With their standard character, you don't need to install any particular software to read them. These files are transferable and readable on Mac OS 10.4 and on any device that has a Windows operating system. Windows compatible systems are Vista, ME, XP, 2000 and 2003. The data is transferred to another medium using the USB cable provided in the kit. This HD spy camera pen can also be used as a Webcam and Dictaphone depending on the user's need. It can remain functional for 4 hours thanks to the 150 mAh high-performance lithium-ion polymer battery that equips it.

Its classic design, small size and featherweight are so stunning that no one can suspect that there is a mini spy camera inside. Under no circumstances can it be bulky, which makes it even more convenient since it can accompany you everywhere. It fits easily in a pocket or small bag. This pen spy camera represents the best alternative to discreetly recording conversations, shots and videos, anytime, anywhere. The great advantage: voice control allows you to activate the camera without having to manipulate the pen. A user's note is included in the kit so that everyone can easily use it and enjoy its benefits.

Data sheet

Supports SD microphone cards up to 32GB
Frame per second
Video format
Operating system
Windows ME/ 2000/ 2003/XP/ VISTA/Mac OS 10.4
lithium-ion polymer 150mAh
Image format
Interface type
Mini usb
Photo resolution
1600 x 1200 pixels
Webcam function


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