Ultra HD 4K WiFi and Bluetooth spy camera speaker
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Ultra HD 4K WiFi and Bluetooth spy camera speaker

Built-in spy camera in a WiFi and Bluetooth stereo enclosure. 4K ultra HD image sensor, infrared vision, motion detector, remote listening, live vision on mobile phone, mobile app.

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Bluetooth speaker portable MP3 player with Ultra HD 1080P Wi-Fi IP spy camera. The hidden camera is remotely searchable from a Smartphone, Tablet. the hidden camera system WI-Fi is very easy to use. Simply turn on the device and press the on/OFF button that is hidden beneath the speaker. The camera has a wireless WiFi network interface that allows you to directly access the visualization and setting of your device remotely. You can also connect to the camera via Bluetooth.

The enclosure is equipped with a spy camera with an image sensor that allows you to view images in real time with 4K ultra HD quality. The camera offers several recording modes: continuous filming, filming on motion detection or even recordings at specific times. The Bluetooth speaker also allows loop recording; that is to say that once the micro SD card saturated, the camera crushes the oldest files to replace them with the newer ones. You can also shoot at night thanks to its function infrared vision (Invisible infrared LEDs 940 nm).  

It is equipped with a lithium polymer battery and allows it to 6 hours continuous autonomy or a Unlimited autonomy if you plug it into a socket. A mode ofRemote listening is also available from the mobile app that will allow the user to listen to what is happening in the monitoring areas via his mobile device.  

Data sheet

180 grams
70 in. × 60 mm
Supports microSD cards up to 128Gb
1920 × 1080
Video format
Motion detection
Lithium polymer
6 hours on battery and unlimited if the speaker is plugged into a socket
Image format
Compression format
H. 264
Compatible Smartphone
Infrared vision
Night vision distance
ten meters
Mobile application


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