Power Bank mini WiFi 4K ultra HD camera
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Power Bank mini WiFi 4K ultra HD camera

Power Bank with mini integrated spy camera. Ultra HD 4K image sensor, infrared vision, real-time image visualization, WiFi, mobile app, high performance 10 000 mAh battery.

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Give yourself an excellent level of security by opting for this power Bank mini WiFi 4K ultra HD camera and enjoy high quality images. Extremely discreet, it can be used as a hidden camera. You just have to find the perfect place to enjoy a good angle of view. For video recording or taking pictures in an unilluminated location, it has a night vision system with a range of 10 meters. Thanks to an application on your Smatphone, you have the possibility to remotely view everything that happens at your home during your absences.

This mini camera has a 10 000 mAh high capacity battery that allows for uninterrupted recording. To charge or recharge your mobile, you have at your disposal a power supply equipped with 2 USB output ports. You can see the percentage of battery charge on the camera. As for the storage of the data, a micro SD card whose maximum capacity is 64 GB must be inserted into the camera to ensure the smooth running of the video recordings. 

For visualizations on your phone, you need to download the dedicated app. This allows you to connect the camera and your mobile device via WiFi without a router and make a point-to-point pattern visualization. Be without fear, because the implementation procedures are easy. This Mini WiFi spy camera comes with a USB cable and user manual to help you step by step.

Data sheet

Supports microSD cards up to 64Gb
Ultra HD 4K
Video format
Lithium polymer
Image format
Type of interface
Mini USB
Battery capacity
10 000 mAh
Compression format
H. 264
Compatible Smartphone
Android and Apple
Infrared vision
Night vision distance
ten meters
Mobile application


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