Men's leather belt equipped with micro spy recorder - During your appointment and business on a daily basis, choose this micro
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Men's leather belt equipped with micro spy recorder

During your appointment and business on a daily basis, choose this micro spy belt. It's a spy bug that allows you to record all the surrounding sounds without arousing suspicion! 30 hours of continuous, 500 mAh lithium battery records, recording high definition.

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To help you remember some sensitive information, like secret conversations, there are various models of market micro spy recorder professional. Among the more discreet and less easy to detect, there are men's leather belt which the loop contains a miniature microphone. Hang on to your size, this technological marvel, will not fail to record all the sounds that will be useful.

This model ofSpy voice recorder allows you to make long recordings. Indeed, in record mode, the device can hold up to 30 hours and more. In playback mode, the battery can take up to 15 hours in a row. The capacity of the battery, lithium, is 500 mAh. This type of battery is well known for its long service life while being respectful of the environment. You should also know that, in terms of quality, the sounds are saved in WAV format. 

Particularly discreet, this micro spy recorder Professional is virtually impossible to detect. The belt looks like any classic black color with a pretty leather loop aluminum simple. In terms of its size, the belt is 118 cm long, 4 cm wide and weighs 196 g. 

To ensure the quality of your recordings, the device makes HD plugs in locating the source and reducing unnecessary sounds around. Easy to use, the device consists of a single button to activate recording. What is more, the backup is done automatically before extinction. For reading formats, this Spy voice recorder is able to read what is WMA, MP3 or even WAV file. Indeed, it is a device that uses spy voice recorder and player both. For what is the ability to record, you will have the choice between a memory of 8 GB or 16 GB, depending on your needs.

For the protection of your data, note that it is also a device capable to encrypt the information. For the transfer and playback of your data, the belt comes with a USB cable and is compatible with Windows 2000. Its discretion is such that since its inception, those who used it never did have. It is also a smart device that reduces the noise sounds and which offers that which is essential. 



Data sheet

196 grams
71 x 41 mm
Continuous recording time
30 hours
Operating system
Windows and IOS
Lithium polymer
Type of interface
Mini usb
Possible operating temperature
-5 to + 40 ° C
Battery capacity
500 mAh
Internal memory
8 - 16 GB of your choice
Audio format


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