Mini microphone recorder digital 8 GB - This mini micro spy recorder combines sound quality and discretion due to its small siz
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Mini microphone recorder digital 8 GB

This mini micro spy recorder combines sound quality and discretion due to its small size. With this tool, you have an internal memory of 8 GB. It can also use music player with mp3 player function

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To record a meeting at the office, a university lecturer, for your spy operations or other occasion during which you need a voice recorder, it is the tool need you. It is a mini Spy voice recorder dimension 45 x 17 x 5 mm and a capacity of 8 GB not extendable. The device works with a sampling frequency of 48 KHZ. Thanks to its small size, you can easily slip it into your pocket and it won't take all the space. The device also has a MP3 feature that will allow you to use it as a player. 

This Spy voice recorder is equipped with a power switch that is also used to trigger recording. At the other end, there are two other buttons: button volume + and -. The device is equipped with an mp3 player mode? Which will allow you to integrate songs and use it as a player. And it is not a simple player, because it is compatible with some audio formats other than MP3, WMA and WAV. This mode with the button volume-. The volume button + will give you access to the next song. There is also a light that indicates that the device is running. 

The microphone can be accompanied by a jack for headphones or earphones that is not included in the pack. However, a connection cable is offered in order to connect it to your computer and transfer files, or to charge via a USB charging stand.  

This micro spy recorder has an excellent ability to record, either in terms of quality of sound or storage capacity for a small device.  The built-in microphone offers a quality of his remarkable, with clear sound and a minimum of interference. Regarding the battery, it can go up to 8 hours in continuous recording mode. 

The micro record your sounds in WAV format. It should be noted that this spy recorder has a high recording quality and allows you to enjoy sound undeniably clear. The recording files are, obviously, quite large. That's why you often need to extract your files in order to make more records.  The product comes with a connection cable to the computer and a user manual. 

Data sheet

45 x 17 x 5 mm
Continuous recording time
8 hours
Lithium polymer
Type of interface
Internal memory
8 GB
Audio format


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