Bulb performance 3 million pixels camera - Light bulb camera
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Bulb performance 3 million pixels camera

Bulb spy camera Wifi, photo sensor of high quality 3 million pixels, night vision, motion detection, remote viewing, camera panoramic 360 degrees

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This camera bulb is a very discreet video surveillance device. The product comes in the form of an ordinary bulb. Modern and refined design makes more this one resemble a bulb connected. This espionage material benefits from a quality finish. The components or elements - indicating the presence of a miniature camera - are perfectly hidden. What makes a very effective video surveillance camera. We can use this camera bulb to investigate suspicious activity in the House. The device is also useful for monitoring babies, the elderly and even pets. In case of burglary, the device can be evidence or identify the perpetrators. Also, it is possible to use the device as a webcam. This light bulb camera has several applications.

The product is suitable for filming large parts - thanks to a panoramic lens with an angle of 360 ° field. This camera bulb can make videos in Full HD with a lot of fluidity to the reading. The device also offers night vision with a range of 10 meters. Get sharp images will be always possible, even in low light condition.

You should know that this video surveillance unit has a Wi - Fi antenna. Connected to the Internet, the device can then broadcast live filmed images. The viewing is done on a computer - at least on Windows XP - or a smartphone Android. Also, there is the feature motion detection - able to automatically trigger the camera bulb. When activity is detected, the device starts to film. It also sends an alert on the phone. The user can then look at what's happening in real time.

As an ordinary light bulb, the product is mounted on a socket. Unlike other video surveillance devices, the model does not use a rechargeable battery. It requires a connection to the sector to operate.

This camera bulb is also able to keep the registration data. The use of a microSD card is needed for this. For precision, the product is expandable up to 128 GB.

This espionage material includes a built-in microphone and a speaker. We can thus make audio recordings. There is also the possibility of establishing a communication turbofan.

Data sheet

70 * 135mm
Supports up to 128 GB microSD cards
2048 X 1536
Video format
Continuous recording time
More than 24 hours
Operating system
Media Player Classic
3 million
Angle of view
360 degrees
Image format
Photo resolution
2048 X 1536
Compression format
Compatible Smartphone
Infrared vision
Night vision distance
10 meters
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