Light bulb camera spy 2 million pixels 360 degree view angle - Light bulb camera high definition, sensor 2 million pixels Full

Light bulb camera spy 2 million pixels 360 degree view angle

Light bulb camera high definition, sensor 2 million pixels Full HD, infrared vision, vision live remote, audio support two-way, movement detector, wide angle of view


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A CCTV system efficient handset photographic performance, discretion and practice. This bulb of CCTV uses a 2 megapixel camera. It is thus able to save videos in high definition and a smooth animation. Also, the video sensor is assisted by a night vision. This feature allows the device to obtain sharp images despite adverse light conditions. Filming in the dark is so not a problem for this camera bulb. The main advantage of this espionage material remains his Fisheye Lens. This component allows pan. Also, it boasts a 360 degree field angle - which eliminates the problems of framing. Suspended from the ceiling, the device is capable of filming any room in which it is located.

This bulb-spy is a very discreet video surveillance equipment. In appearance, it looks like an ordinary light bulb. The concealment of the elements - indicating the presence of a miniature camera - was well integrated in its design. The goal - observed at the top of the light bulb part - looks innocuous. It also specifies that the product fulfills its lighting function. However, you cannot use the device as a main light due to its rather low brightness.

This device of CCTV offers several features that facilitate its handling. Note that the product has an antenna Wi - Fi that allows it to access the Internet. This offers control remotely using a smartphone - grace a dedicated application.

Also note the presence of a motion detector. It can automatically trigger the camera in case of detection of an activity. The user then receives a push notification on his phone and can switch on remote viewing. The feature allows to watch what the bulb camera is filming on the smartphone or computer. An option that requires an Internet connection of course.

This camera bulb is also able to store registration data. This is done on a microSD card. Also, the product is an expandable up to 128 GB. As an ordinary light bulb, this espionage material is attached to an electric socket. What makes that the autonomy of the device is limited only by the capacity of the memory card.

Moreover, the product has a built-in microphone and a speaker. The device also has a two-way audio support.

Data sheet

450 grams
15cm x 10cm x 10cm
1920 * 1080
Video format
Continuous recording time
More than 24 hours depending on the capacity of the micro SD card
Operating system
Windows and IOS
All media players
2 million
Angle of view
360 degrees
Motion detection
Storage type
Supports up to 128 GB microSD cards
Image format
Photo resolution
1920 * 1080
Compression format
Compatible Smartphone
1.44 mm
Infrared vision
Live view
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